About Us

Our Beautiful Journey Begins With…..”The Nature”

When we established our very first venture, Platonexa Innovations Pvt.Ltd, we envisioned to reduce and replace Non-eco-friendly products with environmental friendly products.

The way we design and make things is changing. There is a new system emerging that can meet our needs within planetary boundaries. If we work together across all sectors and levels of the plastic supply chain, we can reduce the plastic leakage into the ocean by more than 80% by 2040.we strongly believe in the UNITED NATIONS vision 2040 where we are contributing towards creating a better environment.

As the saying goes ‘It cannot be right to manufacture billions of objects that are used for a matter of minutes, than the products which are with us for centuries’, the visionaries at Platonexa Innovations Pvt.Ltd researched and defined a mechanism to manufacture the biodegradable objects that can best replace plastic by products. We’ve done this by using forest residues and have successfully brought the various market fit products such as wall clocks, wall arts, photo frames, and gift items.

Vision Serving Humanity - OXYNYC

“We aren’t living here for 100s of years, we are living 100 years every single day by making the lives of people easy and affordable”. OXYNYC stands for making the lives of people healthy by offering products built with scientific and technological innovations.

Our prior research on manufacturing the respiratory mask for our employees connected us to solve the problem that people across the world were facing due to COVID-19 hence the OXY Electronic Mask. Despite Covid pandemic, the team at OXYNYC took it as a challenge to serve humanity at a larger purpose and introduced OXY Electronic Mask that solves several issues such as Suffocation, Bad Mouth & Oral Issues, Skin Infection, drop in oxygen saturation level, Dizziness and many others.

We can now proudly name our innovation in the mask industry as the world’s best electronic mask. It has an activated Carbon and Copper staple Filter with active air inlet technology plus an exhaust valve which will transform the breathing practice to a great extent.

What’s Ahead in the Journey.!

OXYNYC is foreseeing innovations in the healthcare domain and OXY Electronic mask is the very first product among the list of its other innovative products. In fact, we’ve lined up three more variants of masks – while the first variant comes with basic yet essential features and is known as Sparsh, other versions are termed as Vayu, Kosha, and CITA.

Besides Masks, Oxynyc is also very soon announcing the details of its other product lines including OXY Helmets and OXY Jackets.

We’re solving one problem at a time, one solution at a time!

Many more innovations to come shortly.!