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World’s First Electronic Mask with ACCS Filter

OXYNYC is a subsidiary healthcare research firm of Platonexa Innovations Pvt Ltd. which is bringing the scientific and technological innovations in several products that are being used in day-today life such as Face masks, helmets, jackets,industrial aprons, and many more...

While the ‘Electronic Face Mask’ is our very first product which will hit the market, it is mainly due to two major reasons - first being Air pollution that kills an estimated seven million people worldwide every year as per WHO and second being COVID-19 that has already caused the death of 1.34M people worldwide. In fact, recent data reveals that exposure to air pollution increases COVID-19 deaths by 15% worldwide and both of these lead to the risk of diseases related to respiratory systems.

Henceforth, our priority was to bring the best face mask which is comfortable, safest, breathable, and affordable. We developed our first variant in ‘Electronic Mask’ termed ‘Sparsh’ which has an activated Carbon and Copper staple Filter with active air inlet technology plus an exhaust valve which will transform the breathing practice to a great extent.

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